Surrey Hills Aikido Club, Coldharbour

Coldharbour Aikido Club, founded in 1985, perched on top of Leith Hill in the village of Coldharbour just outside the town of Dorking (we are the highest dojo in the South East ). We are a founder member of Aikido for Daily Life, whom is in turn a member of the governing body, the British Aikido Board. All members and instructors are covered by BAB insurance.

It is a very friendly club with members from the ages of 17 to 75, beginners, new starters and visiting aikidoka are always welcome. We look forward to meeting and practicing with you.

Piers Cooke, 7th dan

Piers started aikido in 1982 under the tutelage of Ken Williams sensei, progressed through the ranks to 5th dan and in 2000 left the Ki Federation of G.B. to join the British Aikido Board (BAB). With his Brother Quentin Cooke they started the Aikido for Daily Life association (a full member of the BAB). From 2005 to 2017 he was affiliated to Koretoshi Maruyama's, Yuishinkai aikido group and was graded to 7th dan in 2011. In early 2o17 Piers resigned from Aikido Yuishinkai International to follow his own Aikido path. Since 2000 he has been the Finance Officer of the BAB and also is a BAB and association Coach Tutor.

In his own words

I started my aikido journey in 1982 and must say I have enjoyed every step of the way. I think I was very lucky to have Ken Williams sensei as my first teacher, he laid down some solid Aikido foundations, from a Ki Aikido background, based around the teachings of Tohei sensei. Having joined the BAB, I spread my aikido wings and have really enjoyed travelling Europe and North America experiencing some of the aikido greats. I have trained Under Hadyn Foster sensei, Maruyama sensei, Obata sensei, Endo sensei, Philip Lee sensei, Ikeda sensei, Anno sensei, Linda Holiday sensei & Paul Lindon sensei to mention but a few. 

Aikido is an elegant and effective form of self defence but I think it is also a path which ultimatelymay lead to enlightenment, it is beset with contradictions, has infinite variety, is often a complete mystery and yet it is still, after all these years, an absolute delight.