Aberdeen City Aikido Club, Aberdeen

The Aberdeen City Aikido Club is a small, friendly  progressive Aikido club that trains in the heart of Aberdeen and is open to all adults. 

Jo Duncan, 2nd dan

in his own words

I started in late 2005 at the Aberdeen University Aikido Club (AUAC) and continued at both AUAC and the newly founded Aberdeen City Aikido Club (ACAC) from 2006. 

I was an assistant instructor from 2007 and received Shodan in summer of 2008. Then, in 2009 I was made head instructor at both clubs and achieved BAB coaching level 1 in 2010. In 2013, both clubs joined ADL and in the same year, I received Nidan from a panel of ADL senior members.

I'm more interested in the sophisticated body mechanics of a developed "Aiki" body when compared to technique alone; but, the marriage between the two, combined with a philosophy that appeals to my personality, is what I love about Aikido.