The Living Aikido Club, Devon

We are a small, friendly club based in Braunton, North Devon. We welcome everyone to the club, as everyone that comes in has something to offer, regardless of their age, ability and whether they have previous experience or not. The club practises Ki Aikido, which is a dynamic style of Aikido that focuses on the energy involved in a technique as well as the proper way to execute the technique. You will learn a beautiful art that can help in all aspects of life, physically, mentally and spiritually.

The club actively supports and seeks to broaden the minds of its members by encouraging them to attend seminars, events and other clubs. Giving them a new way of looking at the art and giving them "another tool in the box to use". The club also hosts events and seminars through out the year, helping to evolve practitioners knowledge and technique while making new friends along the way.

Philip Sully Da Silva, 1st Dan

In his own words: 

I have practised martial arts since 2006 and started my Aikido journey in 2012 under Sensei Piers Cooke and Sensei Darren Bond, two of the best martial instructors i have ever had the pleasure of studying under. I instantly fell in love with the art of Aikido; spiritually, mentally and physically. It now plays a major role in my every day life.

I believe that Aikido is for everyone and is forever evolving. Hence, my Aikido is forever evolving and so my teaching naturally reflects this.