Aikido at the Arc, Caterham


Dr. John Wilson, 2nd Dan

Dr. John Sensei has been studying martial arts most of his adult life. Alongside his extensive training in the art, Dr John Sensei also has training in multiple alternative martial arts from Tai Chi under Prof. Chee Soo to Shorinji Kempo, 

John Sensei has a wealth of experience to share with his students to help them develop a love of the martial and live a life of harmony with themselves and others. 

Michael Wilson, 1st Dan

A 1st degree black belt practitioner of Aikido, with over 10 years experience in the art. Currently a student of ADL teachers Sensei Darren Bond and Sensei Piers Cooke. 

With a love of teaching and all things martial arts, his hope is that all have a means to protect one another as well as being at peace with one another.